Liberty Placements

The care and support programme at Liberty House, will be underpinned by the Mental Health Recovery Star model of care (in which our staff are trained). This model concentrates on ten key areas of identified need and support. These are as follows;

  • Managing mental health
  • Physical health and self-care
  • Living skills
  • Social networks
  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Addictive behaviour
  • Responsibilities
  • Identity and self-esteem
  • Trust and hope

Staff and service users together, will use this model to consider and agree where an individual is, in each area based upon the following milestones (“five stage model of change”):

  1. Stuck
  2. Accepting help
  3. Believing
  4. Learning
  5. Self-reliance

Goals, targets and actions will then be identified, agreed and an action plan developed, with monthly reviews (tied into service user plan reviews).

The areas of mental health, physical health and addictive behaviour require particular skills (expertise and experience). In overseeing and supervising these areas, Liberty Placements have both a Registered Mental Nurse and Registered General Nurse as part of their staffing establishment.